I am René.  I have been with the Pagan community for around 10 years. I work in the public school system and have worked as a teacher in the past.  I started the ADF program at one point. Currently I am part of a Viking re-enactment group, as well as working on a herb garden and brewing mead.  


I am Charles, I have been part of the Pagan community for almost 10 years. I am a Military Ambassador within TAC, I have completed and helped develop the Clergy program within TAC. I am always willing to assist anyone within the community and I devote a fair amount of my time to woodworking, meadery, and  the Kindred.


Before the formation of this kindred, our founding members were part of: 

Har's Hall Kindred


North Alberta Kindred


We strive to create a kindred that is inclusive and welcoming. A kindred wise in lore and great in reputation. A kindred that contributes to the Heathen community by organizing community events.

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Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We offer knowledge and time to all those faithful to the old ways who wish to learn.

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