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Study Circles

This is not a "revealed" religion. There is no one true book containing the words of the divine. Asatru is often called the "religion with homework" because we must cross reference and reconstruct beliefs and practices that have been suppressed for centuries. Only through study can we hope to bring back the old ways. 

Regular topics include the Havamal, sagas, eddas, the runes, the Gods and Heathen Worldview. 


7pm every Tuesday.


Frith Nights

"Frith" is often understood as peace, happiness or a combination thereof. In reality, it can best be described as "mutual selflessness". It is the joy that comes with your family's successes. It is the burden of sharing their failures. To live in frith is not to prioritize the prosperity of your people before your own, but to consider them one and the same. It is loyalty, trust, affection and unity combined. When everyone in your inner-yard lives united in mutual selflessness, you have frith.


 To encourage the growth of these bonds we organize frith nights. This is a time for sharing stories, making boasts, recognizing valued members of our community and just plain having fun.

One Saturday every month.



We generally perform two kinds of ritual: blots and sumbels. 


Our blots are offerings made to the Aesir, Vanir or spirits of the land. Offerings to the ancestors are normally left to individual hearths. We hold blots for Ostara, Midsummer, Loaf-fest and Yule every year along with some other celebrations.

Sumbel is a form of ritual toasting. These are far less rigid rituals that place more emphasis on the community than the divine.

We have also held baby blessings.


One Saturday every month.

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