Our Gods

The Gods we follow as Asatruar are those that were followed by the Norse pagans of Norway and Iceland specifically. We make offerings to Odin, Thor, Frey, Tyr, Frigg, Freya, Idunn and Nerthus at least once a year as a kindred.

Spirits of the Land

We are not alone on Midgard. Spirits inhabit the land, felt but never seen. Dwelling in stone, tree and stream they are found in the wild parts of the world. We make offerings to these spirits to make peace with them, to avoid their ire.

Our Ancestors

Though we worship our Gods and appease the spirits of the land, it is our ancestors we turn to for help. They are the reason we exist and we are their legacy. The offerings we make and the rituals we perform for them are more personal and deeply intimate, varying greatly between families.

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Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We offer knowledge and time to all those faithful to the old ways who wish to learn.

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